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We are a young consulting company working mainly for big accounts. We assist clients in transforming their IT and business. We help consultants to find the right missions to develop themselves. We build the future together, beyond IT. 

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GCT Consulting
becomes Capyx

A new, vibrant name

Here we are! After 5 years of existence, we are proud to announce that GCT Consulting becomes Capyx. And because we don’t do things halfway, this new name comes with a completely new corporate branding.

Fresh start, sharpened strategy, same values

This rebranding marks a new step in the development of our company. We have grown and matured a lot through the years. That’s why we needed a new identity reflecting who we are today and what we will be in the future: connected, human and dynamic.  

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We assist companies in building their path of transformation both on an IT level and on the business and process side. We advice companies in how to organize, secure and use their data in an optimal way.

  • Knowledge of mainframe and legacy software (to know as is to be able to migrate and convert)
  • Assisting software development in new technology (Architecture, analyse, languages,…)
  • A method of conversion using AGILE
  • Processes changes due to new technology (Ex: banking, retail…). Our Architects, analysts and other experts help to redesign and secure for the future the business and technology
  • The explosion of data, doubling every year, impacts the processes of the company and moreover their business. Our company offers specialists knowing how to get the utmost out of your data

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Our new full website is currently under construction and will be launched soon.

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