Automatic credit granting

August 28, 2021

Automation of credit granting can lead to new business opportunities for retailers. This service has to be built on a strong IT system managing the online request and the credit decision.

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A great user experience

The user interface manages the documents collection required for the credit granting decision. These documents can be from different types: identity card, pay slip, guarantees, ... In order to have a fully automated process, a business intelligence is added in order to extract data from scanned documents. Inclusion of OCR tools in the system gives the opportunity to manage this requirement.

A strong authentication of the borrower is done by using electronic identity card authentication that provide a future-proof secure process.

An automated credit rating decision

This service is based on a strong decision engine able to provide in real time a credit granting decision. Based on the data provided by the client, on the NBB credit file, on the legal and internal credit criteria's, the engine provides - in most of the time - a green or red decision. In some cases the final decision requires a human intervention, depending on the client situation and amount to grant.

The complexity is based on the multiplicity of data sources, on the the legal framework and on the real time constraint.

A successful collaboration

This ambitious project has been a success thanks to the close collaboration between our client resources and our skilled consultants. They have bring their technical expertise, their professional way of working and their result-oriented approach.


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