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At Capyx, we consider legacy systems as a valuable asset rather than a technical debt. We help you to maintain and integrate this asset into a modern IT landscape. We build, with you, your customer centric IT systems and take the benefit of an efficient use of your data.

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Our approach

We are convinced that a modern IT landscape in a large organization mixes new technologies and legacy systems in a data centric approach.

Giving your data the full potential

The data centralization plays a key role in the efficiency of the IT system. Data allows to generate new business opportunities and contributes to better know your customer’s consumption habits. Capyx helps you to optimize your data organization and its exploitation.

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Building your future proof IT Systems

We help you to enhance your customer experience thanks to real digital processes, based on adequate technologies that interact with the legacy systems and exploit the new data layer.

Integrating and maintaining your legacy systems

The legacy systems have been built over years in order to manage core operations of the company. As the replacement of these systems is really costly and represents a high operational risk, Capyx helps maintain and develop these systems to an open component that is fully integrated in the full IT landscape of the company

Some of our IT Services

Design the solution - taking account the existing IT landscape of the company – and draft the adequate architecture, based on the most appropriate technology.
Project Management
Depending on the context, the implementation can be done in an agile framework in order to have the most efficient team and deliver the highest value to the customer.
Implementation & rollout
In order to build new solutions with the latest technologies or to develop existing systems, we provide you skilled consultants to reinforce your implementation team.
Data Governance
Ensure an efficient use of data through the organization, avoiding duplication, building a shared data dictionary and creating guidelines in order to manage properly data from a company perspective.
Product Management (Product Owner)
Define the new product based on the requirements and the related regulation, and delivering the highest customer value.

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