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Rawpixel 790547 unsplash copy | Capyx
Rawpixel 790547 unsplash copy | Capyx

As a reliable IT services partner, we advise and assist our clients in the evolution of their IT and business. Together we build the future, beyond IT.

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Founded in 2013, Capyx is a team of highly skilled consultants aiming to provide the clients with top class services. Our wide-range of profiles make us a solid partner in all your IT implementation or maintenance projects.

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Building your future proof IT Systems

From ideation to implementation phases, Capyx masters the methodologies and the latest technologies enabling the launch of your innovative IT solutions supporting the business evolution and integrating your valuable legacy systems.
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Integrating and maintaining your legacy systems

The legacy systems have been built over years in order to manage core operations of the company. As the replacement of these systems is really costly and represents a high operational risk, Capyx helps maintain and develop these systems to an open component that is fully integrated in the full IT landscape of the company.
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